Who We Are

At HMC Solutions we believe in doing things differently. From employees to customer care, to service, we believe in rising above.



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The people we care most about

Without our clients, we are nothing. Our focus and goal each and every day is customer satisfaction. Before we run profit and loss statements, before we see how inventory control and tool management is doing, we assess if we are properly serving our clients. With the cleaning industry being so varied from large companies with executive boards, to small operations that may be unlicensed; we are here to be a step above. With personal, individualized care and a focus on complete client satisfaction, HMC Solutions is here for you.

The people that make us great


All our employees are paid on average 25% more than the industry standard. With that, we expect nothing but the highest quality of professionalism and respect from our employees. We invest heavily in training and equipment to ensure that they have the tools and skills necessary to do the outstanding job our customers have come to expect.  Each employee at the start of the hiring process goes through an extensive background check and drug screening. After completion, they go through a rigorous training period to make sure they are up to the high standards that we strive to embody. Through bonus and incentive programs and flexible hours, our employees are taken care of how they deserve to be.

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Where we started

Our founders started with a goal of setting the bar higher. They realized that the current status of the cleaning industry was completely unacceptable. From ultra high employee and client turn over to general dissatisfaction from clients and employees; it was time for a change. With many years of management and field experience, they knew they could do just that. Years later, we are still here with that same goal: exceeding client expectations by empowering our employees.

What We Believe

Customer Satisfaction Above All Else

Holding Ourselves To A Higher Standard

Prioritizing A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Unrivaled Focus On Detail

Culture Of Honesty, Integrity, and Strong Work Ethic