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Left unchecked, the finish on some floors can wear down so much that the base flooring becomes exposed and vulnerable to permanent damage. One of the most easily forgotten tasks concerning facility maintenance is the one you walk on every day, the floors! Some people might not realize that the nice polished floor that gets used daily eventually needs regular maintenance. HMC Solutions is here to help. We have developed a fast and affordable system to maintain your commercial flooring, to keep them looking better longer!

Regular floor stripping & waxing provide a preservative layer that makes the floor last much longer. The reason for this is that all wear and tear is happening to the wax layer, not the flooring itself. This protective layer does not last forever, however, and thus needs to be redone on occasion. A good sign that it is time to do so is when routine cleaning doesn’t seem to be able to get the floor clean any longer because the dirt has been ground into the wax layer.

Strip and Waxing is the perfect solution to maintain a high-quality shine for a reasonable price. Floor stripping and waxing requires a high level of attention to detail and expertise. It also requires the right chemicals and finishes to be used to not only ensure a high gloss finish but also remain durable for all of your needs.  Strip and Waxing floors help control wear and tear, minimize damage and reduce costly floor repair or replacement.

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From office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, medical facilities, car showrooms,  schools, banks, airports, convention centers, and even houses of worship. We have seen it all and can provide a comprehensive plan to keep the longevity of your floor’s surface and keep them looking their best

No two businesses are alike, which is why our company is pleased to offer flexible cleaning programs to fit your specific needs. Whether you need your flooring cleaned and waxed just once or on a regular basis, it's guaranteed that our company can help.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your old flooring? Our company can help you do just that by offering quality consultations and for a price, you can't refuse!

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