The 8 Steps To Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a part of our everyday lives. With the amount of traffic, dirt, and grime that your carpet is subject to every day, you deserve to have your carpets professionally cleaned and maintained.

Here are the steps that must be taken in order to clean your carpets to the optimal condition;


A thorough inspection of the carpet is done in order to address any possible areas of concern. From here a game plan is formulated for the best possible procedure to give your carpets the care and service that is needed.

Set-up and Protection:

Before the cleaning process commences, every precaution is taken to protect the home or facility. Furniture blocks and corner guards need to be placed to ensure that the home is protected from carpet cleaning tools and equipment. Additionally, small objects and cords are removed to create a safe environment for tripping or other accidents.

Carpet Pretreatment:

All carpeted area will receive an emulsifying pretreatment, which will be custom fit to a specific carpet and soil level. This pretreatment process allows for the chemicals to work at the dirt and stains that are plaguing a carpet.

Spot Treatment:

With three different types of stains; organic, inorganic, and petroleum-based, each individual stain will need to be treated with the appropriate stain remover. Just as each stain has a story, each stain will not be removed with the same process.


With the use of soft bristled carpet brushes, soil and grease will be broken away from the carpet fibers. This will allow the entire process to be done to the highest quality.

Steam Extraction:

Steam extraction is two separate processes that happen simultaneously. First, steaming-hot, pressurized water is applied to the carpet surface to further break down soil and grease within the fibers. Directly following, a truckmount extraction machine pulls out grease, dirt, and water, leaving the carpet in a refreshed and cleaned state.

Carpet Protection (optional additional service):

Directly after the carpets are cleaned, it is crucial that the proper precautions are taken to keep the carpet clean. With the application of 3M Carpet Protector to carpets, that goal can be achieved. Carpet protector helps the carpet regain its stain resistance that was applied during manufacturing that may have worn off with time or use.


This part of the process is left up to the carpet. With the use of state of the art equipment, the carpet will dry quite well, however it can usually take two to four hours of quality drying time to ensure the best results for the carpet.

Carpet is too much a part of your everyday life to not be taken care of properly. With the necessary knowledge, equipment, and supplies any carpet cleaning job will be accomplished, not only improving the look of the carpet but also aiding to the overall hygiene and cleanliness of a home.

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